For several years now, public-private partnerships have become the main route for the development and implementation of infrastructure projects.

We combine our experience as a developer by applying it to a technical field in which we have particular expertise, namely desalination and drinking water production facilities. We are therefore in a position to offer you personalised support in the technical development of public-private partnerships or design-build projects (EPC).

This technical support includes setting up the preliminary documents for the call for tenders (EOI, RFQ, RFP), technical evaluation of bids, monitoring of works, monitoring of the commissioning of the works and evaluation of their performance.

Reverse osmosis desalination technology has largely overtaken thermal processes over the last fifteen years.
However, the success of this technology is conditioned by the mastery of pre-treatment techniques installed upstream. Our expertise, based on the completion of numerous projects in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, will provide you with security in the technical choices to be made. This expertise applies both to the design of new projects and to the renovation/optimisation of existing units, whatever the size of the plants.



The presence of qualified operators is essential for the smooth technical operation and economic optimisation of the production units.
We offer training courses for operators and their management that will enable them to operate their desalination plants in the best conditions and optimise their economic performance.
Current trends in the field of desalination have led to an increase :
Our experience in several international arbitrations involving desalination plants enables us to offer you expertise and technical support in your international disputes.


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